Bronra Surveys provide professional expertise in relation to the Survey & Reporting of Property Boundaries.

Using the latest technology, we are capable of delivering highly accurate, detailed Boundary Surveys allowing us to offer professional services relating to a wide range of legal issues, including Boundary Definition, Property Registration, Property Sub-division, Area Determination and Boundary Dispute Resolution.

We use integrated Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) and the latest Robotic Total Stations, to efficiently capture data, with the output in a range of formats to meet the individual needs of the client.

We produce Legal Mapping to accurately determine all points relating to the physical property boundary.

Services include:

  • Land Registry Mapping.
  • Boundary Definition.
  • Property Sub-division.
  • Boundary Dispute Resolution.
  • Area Determination.
  • Survey Experience:

  • Bronra Surveys has over 10 years experience in delivering accurate Boundary Surveys and Legal Mapping Services.
  • Projects range in specification from small-scale Residential Properties to Commercial Properties.