Survey Services

Bronra Survey Quality Assurance and Output

1) Levels and Coordinate System
Unless otherwise requested all surveys carried out to Irish Traverse Mercator OSGM15 transformation.
All levels to Malin Head.

2) Topographic Surveys
Topographic Surveys to specification from client based on needs and requirements of survey. Costing based on survey specification and nature of site.
All relevant data captured using a mixture of rtk GPS and Total Station related back to control points.

3) Drainage Network Surveys
As part of Topographic Survey (where required) a drainage network survey including cover level, invert and route can be surveyed.

Where network is in main carriageway Traffic Management can be supplied.

4) Measured Building Surveys
Laser Scanner to be used to carry out Measured Building Surveys. Scans to be related to control points in ITM OSGM15, installed using GPS/Total Station combination.
External Survey to capture Elevations/FFL’s/Building outline.
Aerial Survey to be carried out to capture roof detail not captured by laser scanner.
Survey can be outputted as a PointCloud .las file, .rcp Autodesk pointcloud, .jpg or as a PDF
5) 2D and 3D Aerial Pointclouds

Aerial Surveys using a UAV quadcopter up to an area of 10 Hectares typically.

Aerial Survey related to Ground Control Points installed using RTK GPS.

Outputs from an aerial survey include:
– 2D .tiff image which is scaled, orientated and to grid coordinates when imported into an AutoCAD drawing, providing context to the overlayed survey.

– 3D pointcloud of area in .las format.

6) Hydrology Surveys

Depending on nature of waterway/time of year, Hydrology surveys carried out using suitable combination of Orange Safety Boat, Canadian Canoe or waders.

All Surveyed data captured using rtk GPS.